๐Ÿงข"Quentin" Overview

An unknown hacker with the pseudonym "Quentin" was the first.

Earliest: "Quentin" on Dateline NBC and in Phrack

"Quentin told us he's...browsed through secret government files on UFOs, and gone snooping in our nation's military computers." - Narrator (2:15)

"The hacker is aware of the interest his apparent UFO data has provoked, but does not wish to respond." - the late Susan Adams (Dateline NBC producer)

I contacted Chris "Erik Bloodaxe" Goggans, the editor of Phrack. Here are two things he said:

  • "I know that Quentin had at least two people in the hacker scene that he considered friends and was usually working with on whatever it was he was up to. Don't know much more about them."

  • "I have no real way to track down authors of the submitted articles at this point, as I don't have the Phrack email archives from 1993."

Quentin's true identity remains unknown.

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