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Richard "neuralcowboy" Thieme has spoken to hackers on UFOs.

Author, Professional Speaker: Richard Thieme

Richard "neuralcowboy" Thieme, while not a hacker in the traditional sense, is an author and public speaker, who talks on UFOs at the annual DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas, and at the MUFON Symposium:

Thieme has given talks on other topics as well, see a more complete index here.

Thieme also wrote a monthly column which was compiled in his book Islands in the Clickstream. In the original printing, Chapter 9 "The Dark Side of the Moon and Beyond" contains columns written between 1997 and 2003, many of which involve the UFO topic, e.g. "UFOs and the Internet" from July 8, 1997.

Thieme's 2023 book Mobius: Out of Time covers "the deft management of UFO phenomena and research in the intelligence community," among other topics.

While an Episcopal priest, Thieme reports a fighter pilot confided in him regarding UFOs, confirming that in their fastest jets,

We chase them, and we can't catch them.

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